Adolescent Care

As pre-adulthood starts, so too begins another level of huge development and quick change-physical, mental, and social advancement that denotes the progress from youth to adulthood .Providing health care to adolescents presents a dual challenge: the treatment of quick medical issues, and the opportunity, through wellbeing advancement and ailment counteractive action, to impact wellbeing propensities, way of life decisions, and wellbeing status in adulthood, since wellbeing practices beginning in puberty may well have longterm wellbeing results. Adolescents are generally thought to be healthy, but most adolescent morbidity and mortality are due to intentional and unintentional injuries; alcohol, tobacco, and other drug misuse; depression; unplanned pregnancies; and sexually transmitted infections. These problems are often rooted in behaviors that are diagnosed not with a laboratory test or a physical examination but through open communication between the physician and the adolescent.