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Adolescent health Euroscicon 2021


EuroSciCon takes great privilege and honour to invite participants around the world to attend Euroscicon Conference on Adolescent Health which is going to be held during May 18-19, 2021 at Czechia Prague. EuroSciCon is dedicated to keep you updated with the most advanced and best practices in the field of young adult health. We warmly welcome all the eminent doctors, researchers, students and delegates to take part in this upcoming Adolescent Health Euroscicon 2021 as it provides the biggest enlightening prospects in different areas of disease in adulthood.

Adolescent Health Euroscicon 2021 will focus on the latest interesting and advanced topics in all areas of youth. It offers high-class opportunity for those who are looking to continue medical grades and those who are willing to share their research proficiency to the world. It provides a platform to the doctors, scientists, researchers, students across the globe to meet exchange and notice new scientific innovations. This year’s annual congress highpoints the theme, Redesigning the information on Adolescent Health which reflects the innovative progress in adolescent health research. The two days conference includes a variety of state-of–the–art-sessions, child health care workshops, symposiums, special keynote sessions and poster presentations, young researcher forums conducted by well-known and renowned speakers who excel in the field of adolescence.

Adolescent Health Euroscicon 2021 comprises the topics: Adolescent Health, Adolescent Psychology, Adolescent Problems, Adolescent Health Services, Adolescent Endocrinology, Adolescent Sexuality, Risk Behaviour, Eating Disorders, Adolescent Case Report, Adolescent Boys, Adolescent Girls, Teenagers and Stress, Teenage Suicide.

EUROSCICON is the extensive successively independent life science events company with a largely academic client base. Our multiprotection and multispecialty approach creates a unique experience that cannot be found with a specialist society or commercially.

Why to attend?

Adolescent health will provide an opportunity for all working on child & adolescent issues to talk about their work. Adolescent health 2018 will congregate renowned speakers, principal investigators, experts, psychologists and researchers from both academia and health care industry will join to discuss their views and research. The conference will be comprised of sessions by world class experts in the field of. In Adolescent health 2020, international symposiums, B2B meetings, international workshops will also be organized to discuss the specific topics in the field of Adolescent health. The basic target of this Adolescent health field is imparting quality medical care to youth throughout their adolescence years with a focus to develop a sense of individuality within them along with the supporting their physical and emotional development. Through this session we aim to educate and empower teens to understand the importance of their healthcare and hence life decisions. 


Track 1:

Adolescent health: Adolescent health, or youth health, is the scope of ways to deal with forestalling, distinguishing or rewarding youngsters' wellbeing and prosperity. transitional period of development and improvement among adolescence and adulthood. World Health Organization (WHO) characterizes a young adult as any individual between ages 10 and 19. Youngsters' wellbeing is regularly unpredictable and requires a thorough, biopsychosocial approach.

Track 2:

Adolescent Psychology: Adolescence is the gentlest period for a youngster, as all the mental and physical changes happen during this age. It is alluded to as transitional period in a person's life. In this meeting, we will have a discussion on physical and hormonal changes like negative mentalities, pressures from companions, medication and liquor misuse, sadness in immaturity, adolescence changes, issues of sexuality, effect of substance maltreatment on youngster, tormenting and hostility, effect of culture on juvenile learning, self-hurt and self-destructive conduct, public activity of young adult, young adult psychosis, young adult parental relationship.


Adolescent Problems: one-third of adolescent deaths are suicides triggered by depression. Young people may have confidence or certainty issues. The sentiments of mediocrity or prevalence frequently emerge from their appearance, and acknowledgment of their body – skin shading, excellence, and figure. Horrible showing in scholastics and low IQ can likewise demotivate them. They build up the 'I'm sufficiently bad' demeanor towards life. Depressionis one of the regular mental issues related with puberty. The pressure and weight of immaturity can make uneasiness related issues, while state of mind swings can prompt direct issue or oppositional rebellious confusion. Dietary problems are additionally psychosomatic as they start with the young adult having a helpless mental self view and the need to change the manner in which they look using any and all means.

Track 4:

Adolescent Health Services: Five basic segments of juvenile wellbeing are obligatory.

> Positive associations with strong individuals

> Safe and secure spots to live, to learn, and to play

> Access to excellent, teenager agreeable social insurance

> Opportunities for youngsters to draw in as students, pioneers, colleagues, and laborers

> Coordinated, juvenile and family-focused administrations, varying

Tracks 5:

Adolescent Endocrinology: Adolescence and pubescence are not the equivalent. Pre-adulthood is that ten to twelve-year time of social and mental development that changes the reliant kid into a practically autonomous youthful grown-up in their right on time to mid-twenties.

Adolescence is the one to three-year procedure of hormonal and physical change that makes the youngster arrive at sexual development, young ladies as a rule entering it about a year sooner than young men.

Among different changes fashioned by adolescence, there are development sprays that make greater bodies to oversee. For young lady's hips expand, bosoms swell, period starts, and they can deliver eggs. For kid's muscles extend, voice drops, discharge starts, and they can create sperm. For both male and female, there is more hair around sex organs, more personal stench, and increasingly dynamic skin organs that can make skin break out.

Track 6:

Adolescent Sexuality: Adolescent sexuality is a phase of human advancement wherein youngsters contribution and find sexual sentiments. Enthusiasm for sexuality reinforces during the beginning of adolescence, and sexuality is frequently a fundamental part of adolescents' lives. n people, sexual intrigue might be communicated in various manners, for example, being a tease, kissing, masturbation, or having intercourse with an accomplice. Sexual enthusiasm among teenagers, as among grown-ups, can shift enormously, and is affected by social standards and mores, sex training gave, sexual direction, and social controls, for example, time of assent laws.

Track 7:

Risk Behaviour: Numerous risk behaviours, for example, smoking, hostile to social conduct, unsafe liquor utilization and unreliable sex, group in pre-adulthood and are related with expanded danger of poor instructive accomplishment, up and coming injury and unfavorable mortality.These practices go past unadulterated 'chance taking' practices and enclosure practices which are inescapable in the public arena, for example, low degrees of physical action. These practices shape grown-up conduct and the significances are exorbitant to society and youngsters.

Track 8:

Eating Disorders: Girls are far more likely to have eating sicknesses. In any case, boys are additionally helpless. eating stealthily, fixation on food, calorie tallying, dread of getting fat, voraciously consuming food, cancelation, food fears or evasion. The most widely recognized dietary problems among young people are anorexia, bulimia and pigging out confusion. Young people with anorexia may take dangerous methods to abstain from eating and control the sum and distinction of the supplements they do eat. Young people with bulimia nervosa ordinarily 'gorge then vomit' by engaging in wild scenes of overindulgingusually followed by compensatory conduct, for example, cleansing through heaving, utilization of intestinal medicines, bowel purges, fasting, or unreasonable exercise

Track 9:

Adolescent Boys: A near replication in the extent of the testicles and the scrotal sac proclaims the advent of puberty. Fuelled by testosterone, the following changes of pubescence come with hardly a pause in between. A couple of light-shaded fleece hairs develop at the base of the penis. A kid may have grown-up size private parts as ahead of schedule as age thirteen or as late as eighteen. A youngster may intentionally stroke off himself to his first discharge.

Track 10:

Adolescent Girls: The initial noticeable sign of puberty in girls is a nickel-sized swelling under one or both nipples. the ensuing indication of adolescence is the nearness of pubic hair in the pubic territory. Preteenager females achieve what, in shared language, is frequently called "infant fat," which may give them a progressively adjusted midsection; this improvement may cause noteworthy uneasiness for these young ladies. at the point when the bosoms begin to create, prefiguring the appearance of pubescence one and a half to three years go befor

Track 11:

Adolescents and Stress: The psyche and body are firmly associated, and stress can influence the body from head to toe. Also, indeed, the study discovered adolescents experience both passionate and physical manifestations of stress. Basic indications incorporate inclination apprehensive or on edge, feeling tired, lingering or ignoring regular employments, feeling survive, having unfriendly musings and encountering changes in dozing propensities. Issues with packing and changes in dietary patterns (eating excessively or excessively little) are additionally connected to pressure. Physical movement is one of the best pressure busters.

Track 12:

Young Suicide: The purposes for a teen's suicide or attempted suicide can be complex. Although suicide In spite of the fact that suicide is generally uncommon among kids, the pace of suicides and self destruction endeavors increments significantly during youthfulness. Self destruction is the third-driving reason for death for 15-to 24-year-olds. It's likewise felt that in any event 25 endeavors are made for each finished youngster self destruction. Psychological sickness as a Cause of Teen Suicide. Circumstances frequently drive the passionate reasons for self destruction. Tormenting, cyberbullying, misuse, an inconvenient home life, loss of a friend or family member or even an extreme separation can by contributing reasons for youngster self destruction. Regularly, a large number of these natural variables happen together to reason self-destructive emotions and practices.


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A huge thanks to all our amazing partners. We couldn’t have a conference without you!


A huge thanks to all our amazing partners. We couldn’t have a conference without you!